Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Weekend Report-Alzheimer's Walk, Family Time and Baby Girl Sprinkle

What a weekend.

My parents came in town for the Charlotte Walk to End Alzheimer's on Saturday. This year's walk EXCEEDED OUR GOAL!!!!! Charlotte raised over $300,000 for Alzheimer's research! Very proud to be a part of such an amazing organization. And this also happened...
Yep. I couldn't say no. I was a little bit of an emotional wildcard but I pulled it off and only used my typed up speech as a guide. 

I realize I am tooting my own horn a bit but I'm proud that this emotional pregnant woman was able to speak in front of several thousand people without crying.  Maybe more proud I did it while looking like a huge grape.

View from Stage:

Big thanks to my friend Margaret for coming to walk with us and to Caycee and Ashley for posting about it on their blogs. I ask this favor because The Charlotte Observer did NOTHING about the walk and Alzheimer's Disease is still lacking in awareness. Just by those two girls sharing my story several people emailed me about my family's journey and we even gained one walker. One of the people that emailed me happens to live in Charlotte, is around my age, and has kids my age. I also got to meet one of my Instagram friends at the walk that is going through the same battle my family is. Social Media is such an incredible tool when it comes to reaching people about your story. Thank you both so much and expect treats in the mail from me soon.

Up next we had soccer.

Poor guy was exhausted after the walk. Thank goodness there are only two noon games. 9:00am works much better for my little early bird (and his early bird mama).

which we followed up with lunch at Rooster's.

The two napkin BLT was out of this world. 

Saturday night we ate dinner at home. I walked the medium route that morning but it was still a little too much for this out of shape mama so staying home was perfect.

This time of year I turn into a major homebody so maybe that will work out perfect with maternity leave. 
Sunday my Dad helped me knock some stuff off my to-do list and we hung all the pictures upstairs. More on that tomorrow.

And then Sunday afternoon my sweet friends threw me a Sprinkle!

My friend EA's house looked gorgeous with fresh flowers and the hostesses picked the BEST food!

My Three Son's White Spicy Pimento Cheese, Chicken Salad from Mayo Bird (YUM!), my friend Abbie's Oreo Truffles, MJ's delicious bruschetta and petit fours from Publix that tasted like gourmet Zebra Cakes. Those girls know me well!

I was spoiled rotten. Thank you all so much for such an amazing afternoon!

Official Monogram (Please don't let my sonogram lady be wrong that it's a girl!!!)

Killer pajamas from sister-in-law. Thank you Jackie Wackie!!!!

A still very emotional

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Charlotte Walk to End Alzheimer's

I have a touch of emotional writer's block this year when it comes to Alzheimer's. I wrote a wonderful post you can read here last year.

The truth of the matter is that Mom has progressed. She has progressed to the point that we have had friends tell us they can now notice changes from just July. We welcome these comments because they validate and acknowledge what we already know and feel...that we are losing her. For awhile most people would be polite and say she seems fine, maybe a tad spacey. But it is so much more than that. The things my father goes through on a daily basis would blow your mind. I have always been close to my Dad. We are the same person. We like schedules, traditions, order, good times and everything to always be the way it was.

Things are not the way they were and are quickly declining. Watching this happen to my father is harder than watching it happen to my mother. I don't know how to articulate that, it just is. I am two hours away but very pregnant and I wish I could do more. My Dad is my best friend and he is utilizing all caregiver resources possible and it is still not enough. He has always done the lion's share of running a household but my mother made it all more beautiful. Holidays were grand with amazing food because of Dad but our house looked and smelled gorgeous because of Mom.

I don't have any rosy words about Alzheimer's today. I joined a group on Facebook called Memory People and I might have to hide it from my feed until after baby girl is here. Sometimes it is just TOO MUCH.

There are wonderful days. Silly moments like her eye cream incident I posted awhile back or moments when she is singing every word to Fleetwood Mac at the top of her lungs at our buddy's J.Sam's Bar. She is still my mother, but ever so slightly.

As I prepare to bring a baby girl into this world the parallels of me being a mother to a little girl are not lost on me. I am scared to death of inheriting this disease. I am scared I won't be able to understand what is happening when my children have children. I envy my brother's kids because they got to know BB well before Alzheimer's inhabited her brain.

I've said it before but it is the one piece of advice that has stuck with me. I feel guilty for this sadness. I feel guilty for wishing she was different and for not accepting who she is now. My Doctor here in Charlotte told me that every time I see my Mom it will be like mourning her all over again. I will still expect her to be the mother that always showed up at my door with hugs and flowers and stories, but it will always be somebody else...and that sadness I experience is not selfish or guilty, it is grief.

If you have read this today I thank you. If you have donated I thank you. And if you would like to come out and walk with my parents and I we will be at Symphony Park at 9:45 am near the right side of the stage. It should be a beautiful and joyous occasion as the walk is to celebrate and raise money to End ALZ. I promise to be light-hearted and silly (and possibly might  take a short-cut through the route). Here is the link to my walk page.

I will leave you with what I said last year:
Lauren Miller (Seth Rogen's wife) put it best. She said that we are at the point in life where most women become best friends with our mothers. We ask them for parenting advice, we swap stories of marriage, breastfeeding, daycare, being a working mother. If you are currently in this stage with your mother love it and cherish it. Take her out to lunch. Take her out for a pedicure. Soak up every ounce of wisdom and love she is giving you. 

A Daughter, a Mother, and a Caregiver

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Weekend Report and the First of Many Checklists

Oops, no posts in a week. Ford actually ended up being home with us all week until Friday so needless to say not much happened past work and taking care of my little guy AND getting my back cracked.

Quick Weekend Recap:
Soccer, Dinner with Friends, Church, Waffle House (yep), Tennis, Dinner with Friends. I am definitely a homebody but not when I've been cooped up for 3 days with a toddler in the house while trying to getting out and about this weekend to see some friends was so so so nice. 

Feeding the Ducks. Always a good way to end a golf cart ride.

My post Church Date

Tennis Boys

I'll dedicate a full post to this but CHIROPRACTORS WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!! I apologize for being a naysayer and nonbeliever but I can walk and have been walking without a limp since Saturday. Shocking. I apparently have SI joint dysfunction (beach fall?) that is aggravating my sciatica and have been having a really hard time getting around.

This list is pretty spot on for what has been in my head. Expect a post about Hospital bag, back-up plans for kids, and the "hot" items that apparently weren't around 3 years ago!

1. Mani/Pedi
Thank you to my friend Margaret for giving me a giftcard for a pedicure! Will be doing that this week. 

3. Go on a Date or 6 
We NEED to do this. I usually work Friday nights but I think the next few Saturdays we should just go to dinner. Nothing crazy, just get out the two of us before baby comes. 

4. Upgrade your phone storage
This is already on my radar. On my mega to-do list is to backup all photos off my laptops/dropbox/iphone album and make room for a gazillion newborn pics! I still miss Kodak Gallery and HATE Shutterfly. This is why if you are a friend of mine I upload everything to Facebook. Sorry.

6. Ask for a Foot rub 
HA. I ask for this every night.

8. Invest in a nice new Yoga Outfit
Old Navy $20
I'm on the hunt for comfy pajamas/maternity yoga pants for this fall. I only have 1 pair from Motherhood Maternity and can't fit in my fancy lululemon's I got last year. I'll have to wait until December to get those bad boys on.

11. Prepare for the Postman
I desperately need new stationery. One of my Aunts used to send me a box every Christmas from embossed graphics. That was the BEST present but stopped in the late 90's. An Aunt on the other side of the family will send packs of notecards too but I have blown through all of those!! I don't have any with my current monogram and correct return address. 
(Toto we're not in Florida anymore!)
Actually I think I need a return address stamp so I can save $$ on baby announcements, Christmas cards...etc. The one pictured above is just one of thousands on Etsy. The problem is I go on there and find so many I like and never pull the trigger. New stationery has been on my list too but I'm using up the old initials KFB as long as I can. 

12. Tinker
My BFF already had a rock'n Newborn Napper and I heard this item was a go-to for so many people. We need to set that bad boy up as well as test the batteries in all swings/bouncers/noise makers.

13. Stock up on Staples
We are running low on Wines-that-I'm-allowed-to-drink. (Under $12 since I drink so much. oops.) I have maybe been having 2 or 3 glasses a week and I'm cutting into the Mr's nice stash. I think we need 2 handles of Jim Beam and about 5 bottles of red. Or 2 boxes of my Pinot Evil. Mama's ready. Oh wait, they probably meant food. OOPS.

17. Help
We have several babysitters we love but I'm nervous if they can handle a toddler + a newborn. Need to possibly recruit one or two more that are comfortable with babies. My mother in law returns from Switzerland in mid October and has offered to stay until the baby arrives. I might take her up on this. I can barely give Ford a bath with this belly much less if my back is acting up. And if you know my family's situation you know that my mom cannot assist. That has been a hard one to swallow this go-round and that's all I have to say about that right now.

18. Use a vacation day
HAHAHAHHAHAHA. I wish I could do this. I need a day in my house without my son around to finish switching all these closets, organize some drawers and just do house stuff. But I have to save every single PTO day I have left to hopefully get me to the end of the year.

19. Sleep
I need to stop staying up and watching movies I've seen before and football games I have no emotional interest in and just GO.TO.BED. I have been averaging 10:30 and I should get sleep while I can.

So did you like this list? I've got more coming. I have a huge to-do before baby list hanging over my head!

I got 99 things on my to-do list and exercise ain't 1.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Weekend Report

2/3 sick in the house and Mama is a gimp.

I finally got my husband back but he is sick from his trip. And Ford came home last night and before bed had a fever of 103. He woke up at midnight with that barking cough and I went into major worry mode. I've had a Whooping Cough shot so I felt safe there but what about that scary Enterovirus that is all over the news? Max slept in bed with him with Vick's all over the both of them and it turns out it is just Croup. WHEW. Croup is the smeagol-esque scratchy voice and barking cough. Our 4th time with it so I should know better by now. Dr said the 2nd night is worse so let's hope he is on the mend soon! I know I will have sleepless nights soon but 1,2,3,4,5 and 6am were pretty brutal.
I won't go into detail of my sciatica pain, I'll do that on Thursday. I think I look like this when I walk though:
Let's just say I never ever thought I would go to to a Chiropractor and I've been twice this week.

People make fun of soccer moms but let me tell you something, I have been WAITING until my Saturday mornings are consumed by Sports. I'm sure the day will come when I change my mind and just want to go get mimosa drunk with my girlfriends but right now I love it. Ford had his first game this weekend and while it wasn't the World Cup those little kids had so much fun. We even took the team to Krispy Kreme afterwards to celebrate their effort! 
(I ate 3 donuts. I stole from children)

2 Sundays in a row! My goal is to get to Church twice a month. This past Sunday was the first day of Sunday school and although we had a few tears to start I think he liked it! I was very active in church as a kid, both in the choir and as an acolyte so I would love to add some religion to Ford's life. His daycare is not Church based.

(East Coast Natalie's 30 day Challenge to not buy new clothes)
I haven't bought any new clothes because let's face it...who likes to buy maternity clothes?! But I'm going to need some new undergarments as this ass has doubled in size. Remember that scene from Road Trip? Did you kill a Cheetah?! 

(I'm following along with the same rules as Chasing Pink Fireflies)
Menu via Etsy
We have done pretty well with this except for the several consignment sales I have been to and things we needed for the boys (and little girl). I mean come on....$2.
We just HAVE to stop eating out. I need a good weekly meal calendar. Ideas? There was one on Instagram once that doughmestichousewife posted and I tracked down but alas I didn't keep that info. I could possibly buy the one above and laminate it to re-use every week?

And then this...

Hand sanitizer K