Thursday, July 24, 2014

Paint Color Decisions

I could seriously paint my house all blues. Got the hell no from the man of the house.

Way back in 2010 I got a frantic email from my husband while I was pregnant and working uptown. All it said was PICK PAINT COLORS NOW. THEY ARE HERE AND NEED COLORS IN THE NEXT HOUR. I hadn't picked colors yet (wrote about that here) and this was not a pleasant email to receive. 

Yeah, Um, have you met me???? I stopped whatever work I was doing and began a google search on light blues and light greens, the colors for the nursery and guest room. I was NOT amused. I sent a hail mary email to Marianne and she (being the adorable sweetheart she is) responded with some advice which I took and made sure not to go too dark. I quickly emailed back my decisions and then got a reply that I needed to pick Sherwin Williams colors b/c that is what our painters use. F*&K!!!!

So in the span of about 2 hours I picked our colors and then had to google image them to death to find the SW counterparts. Fun? NO. Not when you are 6 months pregnant with your first child and making very important decisions. BUT..........the rooms turned out beautiful and now we are here again swapping it all up.

Like I wrote before we are doing quite the shuffle upstairs but we have a guest room that has 1. A locked gun safe in the closet and 2. access to the half attic. I only feel comfortable putting the oldest kid in there (12 year old stepson) so the green room becomes his room. Not a single clue on what to paint for him in there. White?

Current Guest Room. The green paint, curtains and bed are moving into the nursery for baby girl. This room will become my stepson's room. 
So the current nursery will have the blue painted over to green and the curtains hung and double bed stuck under the window. I'm thinking green nursery with pink and purple accents? Like my lovely "For James" by Katie Long Stevenson? 

Our Grassland by Sherwin Williams is beautiful in some light, but sometimes it can look a tad yellow. What do you think? Nursery appropriate?


Here is Sherwin Williams Ancient Marble

Benjamin Moore's Vale Mist

Phoebe Howard loves Healing Aloe but it might not be green enough for me? (Not healing Aloe but a very very close wallpaper by Phoebe)

Healing Aloe

And now on to the Current Nursery (Possible big boy room color)-Icelandic Blue
Big boy room color? Yes? I was going to re-use the current Icelandic Blue but this image from Ashley Whittaker is haunting me. 
The blue is a more purplish blue/gray and I love the way it looks. So what do you vote...try to find this blue/gray or go with Icelandic? Elle Bright Designs saved the day and let me know it is close to Manor Blue from Benjamin Moore. (This room above is actually a wallpaper...buzzkill!)


Manor Blue

Decisions decisions. Is Manor too dark? Do you like Grassland Green? I think Manor would be a wonderful color to grow up with. I do love his Icelandic though. And between moving him, no more pacifier, being potty trained and big boy beds soon...I'm one emotional mama!

Furiously Nesting Cracked out K with No AC

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Vacation from Vacation......Beach Hangover

Not really since I didn't barely had a few drops of alcohol, but leaving home for almost 2 weeks with a very wild 3 year old is not for the weary. I know I know I know....."Just you wait". I have heard it a lot and am scared shitless quite concerned how I will handle two kids but all I know is:
1. I will be back on my OCD/Anxiety meds
2. I will not be huge and out of breath and lopsided
3. I will be boozing

so I am fully expecting two kids to be much harder to handle than one but with all that being said I'm still exhausted from the trip.

Does that happen to you after vacations? I saw on Instagram somebody used the phrase "relocation" instead of vacation. So true. I do get the luxury of not working which was very very nice for two weeks but I will say it is not the same as it was pre-kids. 

I'll be back tomorrow with plenty of f-bombs and sarcasm as we tackle the beautiful world of girl's baby clothes.


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

If You Can't Say Anything Nice....

Do you ever see a picture on Instagram or a blog or something on Pinterest and wish you could REALLY say what you were thinking?

Yeah I'm going to start doing that. I will try not to hurt feelings but in the mood I'm in today that might be hard.*

These people must not have kids. Just sayin.

 How I feel if I have to leave the house. Avert your eyes if you see me at Harris Teeter.

 Somebody pinned this from Bethenny Frankel's daughter's new room. Fuck Bethenny Frankel. I watched her show my first maternity leave and now I just want to waterboard her with milkshakes. OHHH a pink girl's room. Let's put it in a catalog STAT! My friend Sarah Fisher should be published WAY ahead of some of these Bozos. Hint: If your ceilings are that tall get a taller headboard you TV trash!

 This is fine. But what is with the creepy wolf/dog in the background. Wait for'll see it.

 Really? That shit is going to tip over in a hot second. Buy a fucking table. Some DIY projects make me want to send them a check to go to freaking Ikea.

 Parents Magazine I have already yelled at you on twitter. Stop it. Stop making us fear for our lives regarding EVERYTHING. The BOX will kill your child!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Need. Wow. Girl clothes. Yikes.

 I blame Parents magazine (again) but I see this and see head trauma. Or accidental hanging. And no way in hell would I make up those beds.

 Just stop. What the shit is this?

 Really? For a little girl's room? Um NO. WWMPS? (What would Mary Poppins Say?) That little girl's gonna be a panty dropper.

 This. Yes.

 Apparently I need to make this. Pinterest is the devil to overly emotional pregnant women. I honestly don't know what is wrong with me this time but I'm a mess. Not even a hot mess. And I want cake. 

I'm sorry.....this is adorable? She looks like she just got washed up from a shipwreck. Pirate Hooker clothes for your little girl!

Which immediately makes me think...

 Make sure you get your Watermark on that awesome photo. 

*Ah, I feel better. No weekend review because:
1. The lady giving me a pedicure said I had lots of swelling in my ankles. Thanks for pointing that out!
2. People are already asking if I'm near my due date.
3. I'm in psycho packing mode.
4. I HATE my options to pack for the Beach this year. I'm eating the same or actually even healthier than I did for my son and I'm puffy everywhere. I haven't had a SINGLE ZEBRA CAKE!
Screw you summer pregnancy. Screw you.


Friday, June 27, 2014

Walk to End Alzheimer's Kick Off-Krewe BB

Last night we had the Kick-off party for the Walk to End Alzheimer's here in Charlotte. It was a great opportunity for Team Captains to come meet and chat with people in the industry and learn about good fundraising tips as well as see where we are as a city in terms of fundraising. I also love the people that work for the Alzheimer's Association. They, along with several members of the Industry, (My ladies at the Ivy and Regency) have become close companions as we navigate this disease with my Mother. I just met the new CEO last night and she is GREAT. I could spend hours with her talking about ideas about getting people in my generation involved. You see, I am not the majority. People still have the stigma that this is an old person's disease so while many friends are experiencing this with grandparents, not many are experiencing this with parents.

That being said I have been contacted by at least five people in the past few weeks that are seeing the symptoms in their parents and are coming to me for advice. I'm not sure how to describe how I feel when I get one of these emails. I am brokenhearted for anyone that is getting ready to experience or already experiencing Alzheimer's with their parents. But I also feel empowered. This little blog is mostly silly and my journal since I don't think my husband listens to 79% of what I blab on about. If my stories are helping anyone, and in return, sending them to me for advice; I feel like I need to do more. There is almost a period of time, maybe called the gray area, where you know something is wrong but don't know what to do about it. My father and I sat in that gray period for almost two years. There has to be an easier way for caregivers to move from this phase to a diagnosis of some sorts with the least amount of embarrassment to the patient as possible. Because that was what held us back. How do you tell someone that they are having memory issues?

The new Alzheimer's facts and figures data this year primarily focuses on women. Almost two thirds of Americans diagnosed with Alzheimer's are WOMEN. Women are also the typically caregivers. Do you see the issue here? 
At last night's kick off. Also happened to be my halfway through pregnancy mark. Thought it would be fun to also note what I was up to at that moment.

While this is nothing to smile about I love thinking of ways for us to spread the word about the disease. I would love to get a shot of my Mom and I behind this poster at the walk. Maybe a photobooth of some sorts. 

Have you seen Seth Rogen's wife, Laura Miller's, campaign in magazines? 
What if we could all make a page like that for ourselves with a simple upload? Laura is an inspiration in her battle against Alzheimer's in the name of her mother and if you want to follow a pioneer in fundraising you should follow her and Seth's Hilarity for Charity group

I would also love to sit down with Lauren and pick her brain. We both use humor to help us through this disease and I think we (after a few bottles of wine) would be BFF's.

It has been three years since my Mom was diagnosed. And while the disease continues to progress I feel that through the Alzheimer's Association, Memory Care, Support Groups, and Seniors Helping Seniors we have been tossed a few life rafts of sorts. I will do a full post on what we have changed and how we are helping mom soon for my group of friends that need that advice.

Whew. Sorry for the long post! I know you get requests for fundraising all the time so I will try to only send out my bulk emails twice as I begin my Walk to End ALZ donation begging.


You can donate here: